Ioannina is located 440 km. from Athens and 295 km. from Thessaloniki, on the west bank of Lake Pamvotis, at an altitude of 480 meters surrounded  by high peaks.

The castle of Ali Pasha, the island of Kyra Frosini, the oracle of Dodona, and the modern University of Ioannina are sights of the city that combine the traditional with the modern, the new conditions with the historical memory and the natural beauty with growth.

Traditional silver and gold workshops which flourished in the past and were famous across the East and the West, exist until today. Contemporary development is expressed through the University of Ioannina, the city hospitals, the Nautical Centre, Egnatia Motorway, airport, seaplanes, the rapid commercial growth and the expansion of the city.

The economy of the city of Ioannina was based on silversmith craft, dairy products, poultry, winemaking and marble industry.