For action lovers, we recommend experiential activities in nature.



Starting from the bridge of Papingo, guests are firstly informed by their guide about the boating behavioral and safety rules and then they are ready for their adventure, duration (1¼ hour) one hour and fifteen minutes to the bridge of Kleidonia that is the end of the route.

Your transportation is conducted with our own bus. After the end of the excursion, our customers will get free video and photographs.


It is necessary to attend the school where a river kayak instructor will give you information on safety rules regarding the handlings during the descent of wild rivers with the flexible single seat kayaks that offer a different experience.


Alpine Zone

It is a member of the IRF (International Federation of Rafting). We organize daily outdoor activities, we undertake sport-cultural events, in collaboration with municipalities, communities and other bodies and we organize corporate programmes, adapted to the requirements of each company.


The wider area of Tymfi is known as one of the most popular destinations in Europe.

We provide you with mountaineering equipment as well as with an experienced guide, if required, to enjoy your hike in the stunning area of Tymfi.

You choose the route and the degree of difficulty.